Sports Ministry for Churches!

Is your church considering a sports ministry?
Imagine a ministry within your church that gives your members an easy and effective way to engage with one another and allows them to invite friends back into the church community. With a sports ministry, your church will experience membership growth and retention... two things the local church is struggling to obtain. Many of us who grew up playing sports understand the enjoyment we gained from competing. The great friends we made, the character we built, the authenticity we experienced, the community with which we now belonged! Now it's time to bring these powerful attributes to your church!

Why use Activ8?
Our staff has a combined 25+ years of sports ministry experience. Our founder pioneered the nation's largest church sports ministry for adults, building it out of a church plant of 100 members to a ministry serving more than 2,500 in less than 10 years. The sports ministry has been credited as the primary reason for the significant church growth which now sees its membership eclipsing more than 14,000 people. Hundreds, if not thousands of people have asked Jesus into their lives, a journey that started with a simple invitation to join a recreational activity. And thousands more have found a powerful way to engage in authentic Christian community. ACTIV8 was founded out of a desire to utilize this experience to help other churches around the nation develop effective tools for engaging their members and reaching their community. If your church is considering a sports ministry for your members, please contact us to schedule a free phone consultation to learn more how Activ8 can serve you.

What can Activ8 provide my church? 

1. Leadership Training
We will train your sports ministry leaders on best practices as it relates to sports programming, marketing and financial management, technology implementation, and engaging members into a new or deeper relationship with Jesus.

2. Demographic Analysis
Each church has a unique demographic. We will work with you to analyze your demographic and determine which recreational activities will work best for your membership and community.

3. Promotional Tools
We can help you build a quality website specific your sports ministry that incorporates sports management software. We can offer effective promotional materials for your church booth and teach you how to effective utilize social media platforms to grow your programs.

4. Facility Procurement
You do not need to have your own sports facilities to run an effective sports ministry. If fact, you can have a greater impact if you utilize venues in your community. Our team will train your church on best practices in search and obtaining quality facilities to host your recreational programs.

5. Outreach Development
Every effective sports ministry has an outreach component. We will train your leadership on how to mobilize your sports ministry participants to serve the needs of the local community and engage in impactful outreach.


Sports Ministry Benefits

  • Powerful tool in building community with your members. This will give both, introverts and extroverts, a desired platform to connect with each other.
  • Creative and unique way to reach young adults... a demographic that is rapidly leaving the church.
  • While inviting non believers into a church service is often difficult for members, sports give us an easy and effective way to invite our friends to experience Christian community.
  • Creates a platform for volunteerism. While churches struggle to engage members in serving the community, sports groups provide a natural platform for building a volunteer base.
  • Small groups don't work for everyone. A sports ministry is a great secondary approach to your small group model. Many sit on the fringes and do not want to engage through small groups, but will first engage through sports.
  • Builds authentic community. Sports naturally brings out the best and worst in each of us. It's hard to hide behind an emotional mask while competing, which allows us to love one another for who we genuinely are.

Watch how a sports ministry can build relationships within your church and impact the local community by mobilizing your sports participants to serve!

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